What Would a 300% (or Higher) Revenue Increase

in The Next 30-60 Days Do For Your Business?

What Exactly is This YouTube Ads

Online Incubator Workshop?

This is a 3-day online LIVE workshop via a Zoom video call. It will use all the knowledge and experience we have accumilated over the last 10 years running and scaling YouTube ads for our clients.

We have spent over 35 MILLION DOLLARS in that time, and have been able to achieve incredible results for our clients in 30 to 60 days.

We are a Google Premier partner which means we are recognized for meeting a set of requirements outlined by Google, designed with your brand's needs in mind.

Additionally, Premier Partners are recognized for being among the top 3% of Google Partners in their country.

Using this knowledge and experience, our team will teach you how to CORRECTLY research, create and launch a YouTube campaign (or campaigns) That have the potential to increase YOUR revenue by 300% or more in 30 to 60 days.

Is This A Good Fit For Me?

If you have a business, product offer or service that is currently doing $100k or more per year, and you want to double or even triple this in the next 30-60 days then this is for you. You will need to have the following criteria in place:

  • Minimum of $100k per year business revenue

  • A website or landing page

  • At least $50 per day advertising budget

  • 3 or more testimonials from you customers

What Can I Expect From This LIVE

3-Day Online Training?

  • How to research your ideal audience and how to add them correctly into your Google account for targeting.

  • 3 video ad scripts written together using our proven 10 year, $35m YouTube ads script framework we use daily for our clients.

  • Turn your 3 video script into actual ads! Using our own professional in-house video team, we'll film, edit and upload 3 video ads into your YouTube channel.

  • We'll make sure your YouTube channel and Analytics are linked into you Google ads account so you have all the data you need.

  • We'll set up all the tracking in Google ads and test that its working correctly so you can track your leads and sales properly in your campaigns.

  • YouTube ad campaigns set up and structured properly with all the relevant targeting, ads, demographics, countries and bidding strategies.

  • We'll also Double check everything is how it should be before we launching your campaigns together!

  • Once we are launched and you are seeing data, we'll create a full 90 day YouTube ads campaign optimization plan to help you optimize and scale your campaigns for maximum return.

Okay, I'm Interested!

What Do I Have To Do Next?

We only run these LIVE online workshops once per month and only open it to 10 people.

That way we keep it personal, high quality and it ensures everyone attending gets our team's full attention and support during the 3 days.

If you want to know more about attending one of these exclusive LIVE training events and learn how to grow your revenue by 300% or more in 30-60 days, then schedule a FREE 20 minute call with us using the timetable below.

No pressure, just an informal chat regarding your business and see if you are a good fit for our 3 -day Incubator workshop.

If you are a good fit, we'll share the next 2 dates with you including pricing, and you can chose which one suits your schedule!

*Worth noting that this course is also 100% tax deductable for Q4 too!

Maxed Out Their Sales Calendars With High Quality, Converting Leads with improved YouTube Ads

Hundreds of Quality Leads Generated in Just One Week of New Ads

Ad Campaign Produced a 572% ROAS Within 30 Days of Launch

10X ROAS + 300 Qualified Applications in 30 Days

Ad Campaign Produced a 2:1 ROAS & Scaled Their YouTube Budget by 700%


Turn up for your call and whether you are a good fit or not, we'll gift you our

YouTube ad scripting framework worth $197 for FREE! So either way you win!

This framework is the exact process we follow for all of our clients to help us create engaging YouTube ad scripts and turn them into high converting video ads and we will gift this to you when you show up for your free 20min call!

YouTube Incubator

YouTube Ads 3 Day Online Incubator Fit Call

Let's grab 20 mins together to make sure you are a great fit for our 3-Day LIVE online YouTube ads incubator workshop. ***SPECIAL OFFER*** Turn up for your call and whether you are a good fit or not we'll gift you our YouTube ad scriptin... more...

20 Mins
Sat, Dec 9, 2023

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What Some Of The People Who've Worked With Us Think....

Just a Sample of People Who Have Worked With Us Mike Quist: Stone Coat Countertops

“They have saved us hundreds of
thousands of dollars!”

Billy Gene: Billy Gene Is Marketing

“We spent $25k on YouTube in the first month and turned it into $100k+.”

Dr. Angela Lauria: The Author Incubator

“We have twice the number of clients now than we did before we started working with them and we’re spending half as much on advertising.”

Dan Martell: Saas Academy

“They continue to blow my mind with their advanced strategies for targeting and audience assessment and really building my email list in a very profitable way.”

Mariah Coz: MariahCoz.com

“They’ve been able to run very profitable ads for me and my business.”

Dr. Anthony Balduzzi, Fit Father Project

Video Power have helped us grow our channel by over 400,000 subscribers… we’ve also generated over 87,000 new leads to our email list and that’s translated to literally hundreds of thousands of dollars in new program sales for us.”

Come To The YouTube Ads Incubator

Apply Now To Learn How To Grow From Six Figure Years to Six Figure Months Using The Unlimited Scaling Potential Of YouTube Ads

More Feedback From The 3-Day Workshop...

"I would recommend the Incubator for any business owner who is tired of scrambling for leads. I feel very empowered and like this was a great use of my money."

- Owen

"The incubator gave me the feedback and clarity for a product that motivates me to grow to the next level."

- Chuck

"We saved money, got great sales copy, and know what works and what doesn't."

- Duke

"With the YouTube Ads Incubator you'll get expert feedback and a team dedicated to your success."

- Shannon

"I'm walking away with completed ads, knowing my costs, and how to run ads."

- Brian

"I don't know that I actually understood my own business as well as I thought I did. Being able to walk away with a much more clear and concise way of setting a hook, grabbing attention, and landing a client is something that is really valuable to me moving forward."

- Adam

"I now have tools in place to do it right and build ads one step at a time."

- Kristen

"My biggest takeaway is that messaging and copy matters. I'm leaving this knowing that I'm moving tax brackets because I'm about to be successful with these ads."

- Arndreya

"I received great copy, was guided throughout the whole process, and excited to continue."

- Erin

Attend The LIVE Event On Your Select Dates

We will send you follow ups, reminders, and pre-trainings before the even start date. So you can get started even before you get there! 

At the event you will…

Create And Film Your High Converting YouTube Ad:

• Discover how to get inside the mind and heart of your audience.
• Write Video Ad Scripts that capture attention, build trust, and inspire action.

• Walk away with 3 video ads (VSL Style).

• ​Setup your tracking so you know exactly what’s working.

• ​Build out audiences & campaigns inside of your Google Ads Account.

• Launch your campaigns.

Get Direct Feedback

This event is not like your average conference where you passively consume information. It’s limited to 15 people so we can ensure you have time with our team as you actively work on your actual ads in real time. Every step of the way is guided by experts in the field who understand exactly what it takes to make an incredible YouTube ad.

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