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Let Us Unleash the Power of YouTube Ads to Grow Your Business

As we are a Google Premier Partner Agency (top 3% of ad agencies), we have all the tools to do the heavy lifting for you to create a strategy and expertly manage your accounts.


Grow Your Business with YouTube

We love collaborating with our clients!

Better Leads and More Clients at a Lower Cost

Between creating your professional video ads from start to finish, holding collaborative strategy calls, and keeping up on weekly campaign optimization, we have all the bases covered for your entire video marketing strategy. 

You will always be in the loop through dashboard data that syncs directly with your account. This gives you consistent clarity on all of your Google accounts, tags, and analytics for the most accurate and precise tracking of costs, leads, CPL, customers, revenue, and ROAS.

Concierge Video Advertising Service

We enjoy priority status with Google Reps, the ability to quickly edit and optimize your new or existing ads, and focus our client campaigns on the latest data-driven audience research. Keeping up on what customers are responding to is what sets us apart.

The way that I found Jake is I was actually doing research on this particular subject and I saw his ad.

I said, ‘Dang, that’s a good ad. This guy knows what he’s doing.’ So I bought his products that he had at the time, signed up for his list, and finally emailed him and said, ‘Man, we gotta get you to come out and talk about YouTube advertising cause it’s an under discussed subject and you know what you are doing.’ Jake Larsen is a YouTube ambassador. He also does his own consulting and training when it comes to this particular subject so you guys could not be in better hands.”


Ryan Deiss

Founder of Digital Marketer

How We Do It

Our mission is to help you leverage the power of video advertising to grow your business.  Our strategy is to create an video ad that captures attention, builds trust and inspires action, put it in front of your future clients and customers and provide them a valuable offer (your product or service) that will make their life better.  When you have a video ad campaign that can generate you $5 for every $1 spent on ads, it becomes really fun. 





Our Client Success is Our Success

With over a decade of experience in a fast-paced video world, we have the results to back up our claims. Take a look at what a partnership with VPM might look like for you and your business.

Our client’s success is our most important metric

Seeing our process work for a wide variety of clients is why we do what we do.

Mariah Coz | High Ticket Coach

Ad Campaign Produced a 572% ROAS Within 30 Days of Launch

Fanpole | e-Commerce

Hit Their Best Month of Sales Within 30 days of Launching the YouTube Ad Campaign

Liz Simpson | Business coach

After 1 month of launching Brand Builder Video Ad, we generated over 300 quality applications lowered the cost per application by 400% and and drove a 10X ROAS

Case Study

Doubled Revenue From Ads &
Cut The Ad Spend in Half

  • Wanting to increase sales, they ran ads that generated sales. But with poor tracking, they couldn’t see what was working and results were inconsistent.

  • VPM set up accurate conversion tracking, restructured campaigns and finely tuned the target audiences to reach more customers.

  • Marketing budget was cut in half and sales from ads doubled.

Stone Coat Countertops | eCommerce in Home Improvement

On Our Strategy Call

1. Together we will review your industry, offer, and audience to identify what's possible for you with video marketing.

2. Assess your current marketing and sales efforts to see what is and isn’t working.

3. Develop a video marketing plan that will get you results in your business ASAP.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will paid ads work for my business?

We've found that paid ads work well for any type of business that's looking to grow fast.  Whether you're looking to get more customers for eCommerce or generate more leads and phone calls for your service-based business, paid ads will help you learn what works quickly and get results fast!

What do your most successful clients running paid ads have in common?

We’ve found some common themes around which clients are getting the best returns on their video ads. There are always exceptions and outliers, but the most consistent qualities we’ve found are: 

They advertise on a regional or national level (versus a hyper local level)They have customer testimonials or visible ways of showing people have enjoyed their product or service (like 4 & 5 star ratings and good reviews)They prioritize video as a key piece of their marketingThey have a unique product, service, message or offer that stands out from the rest of their industryThey value their time more than their money in the form of hiring professionals to run their ads, allowing them to focus on growing their business in other areas.

We’ve tried ads before and didn’t have a great experience. How will you be different?

Unfortunately, most ad campaigns don’t work right off the bat, and doing it on your own or with an inexperienced agency, you may not have been clear on what to expect or what to adjust for success. Results require finding the right blend of the message, creative, audience, offer and funnel. It’s as much an art as it is a science. We’ve been doing this for over 10 years, so we have honed a strategy to know what works, what doesn’t, and how to pivot quickly.

Not all of our campaigns are home runs, we hit a lot of doubles and singles and occasionally we strike out. But we can promise transparency, lots of communication, and more experience than you’re likely to find in this industry.

You can see what some of our clients have to say about working with us by checking out their testimonials.

What do your services include?

We offer everything related to creating, tracking, and running amazing video ads that grow your business. Our services cover everything from 

  • video ad strategy

  • keyword and audience research

  • script writing

  • video production

  • video editing

  • setting up and monitoring tracking, 

  • building out audiences and campaigns, managing the campaigns on a weekly basis, and sending reports

  • Constantly testing, optimizing and scaling the campaigns

  • Monthly strategy calls

In short, we do all the heavy thinking and lifting so you don’t have to.

How much does it cost?

Our average client spends around $40K a month on ads and sees a 3x return on their ad spend.  Typically we start ad spend around $10K a month to prove the concept before we start to scale up.

How long does it take?

We love long term relationships and also understand we need to generate quick wins and results in order to free up your time and grow you business. We have a three month testing phase where we build out the campaigns and make sure they’re working to grow your business before we go all in.

After three months, if we’re seeing results and we still like to work with each other, we’ll continue to work on a month-to-month basis. Our longest agency client relationship has been 7.5 years running.

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