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Grow Your Business in 2023 By 3X or More

Using The Power of YouTube Ads

(without draining your ad spend)

This complimentary exclusive training includes:

  • A proven YouTube ad framework that has driven millions of leads and sales online

  • The biggest barriers to launching successful YouTube ads

  • The math behind a profitable video ad campaign for a 3X ROAS

  • How to reach your exact target audience on YouTube

  • Our tested program guaranteed to help you create & launch your own YouTube Ads in 3 days.

What Other Business Owners Are Saying About Us

Mike Quist: Stone Coat Countertops

“They have saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars!”

Billy Gene: Billy Gene Is Marketing

“We spent $25k on YouTube in the first month and turned it into $100k+.”

Dr. Angela Lauria: The Author Incubator

“We have twice the number of clients now than we did before we started working with them and we’re spending half as much on advertising.”

Dan Martell: Saas Academy

“They continue to blow my mind with their advanced strategies for targeting and audience assessment and really building my email list in a very profitable way.”

Mariah Coz:

“They’ve been able to run very profitable ads for me and my business.”

Dr. Anthony Balduzzi, Fit Father Project

Video Power have helped us grow our channel by over 400,000 subscribers… we’ve also generated over 87,000 new leads to our email list and that’s translated to literally hundreds of thousands of dollars in new program sales for us.”

What’s the difference between an ad campaign that drains your ad spend, and one that brings in 3X returns?

Who is This Training For?


Who want to get their message in front of their future customers and clients.


Who want a consistent flow of leads, booked calls and sales.

Business Owners

Who want to get a positive return on ad spend. Spend $1 on ads and get $3 in sales.

Meet Your Host

Jake Larsen is the founder and CEO of Video Power Marketing, a boutique video ad agency that helps businesses create videos that capture attention, build trust and inspire action.

His creative marketing solutions caught the attention of Google, and was asked to become one of only 10 YouTube Marketing Ambassadors in the world.  Knowing that the billions of dollars being wasted on TV commercials would eventually flow to YouTube, Jake took a leap and quit his corporate job to start Video Power Marketing, just one month before his first child was born. It was this opportunity that planted the seed for what became VPM’s innovative approach to disrupting the advertising industry. 

Over the last decade, Video Power has worked with hundreds of clients across the world investing millions of dollars creating video ad campaigns that generate, on average, a 3.3X return on ad spend. The Video Power team is known for playing on both the creative and analytical sides of the brain, which is a critical skillset for creating videos that people enjoy watching AND that grow a business.

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